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deeketsueki asked : OH MY GOD YOU'RE THE ONE WITH THIS AMAZING TALENT! I've been trying SO hard to find the person responsible for these amazing works of art. Don't stop, please. I love your coloring style. Great job and an instant follow.

BUT I’M NOT THAT GREAT //SOBS. You’re too sweet really<333 Happy to hear people love my colorings ;w; 

Anonymous asked : I saw the ''dont forget about your friends'' manga scan and holy shit Annie it seems like your worked really hard in that because all the people behind and naruto with its hair and konoha's headband, I ADMIRE YOU!! <3

Aww Thank you so much<333 you’re too sweet~! That scan did took me hours from cleaning and coloring >3< but it was worth it at the end hehe I was satisfied with it :3

wingedotaku-deactivated20140824 asked : What chapters are posts 43182112027 and 39152029041 are from?

I don’t remember the chapters where I get my scans from :( but the second one is from chapter 329 because I tagged it. 

hatredandsorrow asked : Do you plan to watermark your edits from now on?

Nope, I don’t plan to.

Anonymous asked : Ok thanks! I'll try this once I'm on my PC, and about the tutorial .-. It like so good. I was doing som wrong stuff xD

No problem :)

Anonymous asked : how do you color Naurto's body while he's in his chakura mode?

It’s the same as coloring everything else but you would color his whole body in an orangeish/yellowish color. Try searching up Naruto Kyuubi mode on google as a reference ^^

Anonymous asked : Can you teach me how to add those stuff under your bio? and how to add a fourth link in your theme?

Everything under the bio is added from the box if you go to Customize, you’ll see a box where it says description.

For the added fourth link, it’s more difficult to explain but click edit html.

You should see:

<meta name=”text:Link1 title” content=”link 1” />

<meta name=”text:Link1” content=”” />

Add the rest below:

<meta name=”text:Link2 title” content=”link 2” />

<meta name=”text:Link2” content=”” />

<meta name=”text:Link3 title” content=”link 3” />

<meta name=”text:Link3” content=”” />

<meta name=”text:Link4 title” content=”link 4” />

<meta name=”text:Link4” content=”” />

Then scroll down and try to find the html <div id=”menu”>

Replace the rest below it:

<a href=”/”><div class=”button”><img width=”11px” src=””/> home</div></a> 

<a href=”/ask”><div class=”button”><img width=”11px” src=””/>  message</div></a> 

<a href=”{text:Link1}”><div class=”button”><img width=”11px” src=””/> {text:Link1 title}</div></a> 

<a href=”{text:Link2}”><div class=”button”><img width=”11px” src=””/> {text:Link2 title}</div></a> 

<a href=”{text:Link3}”><div class=”button”><img width=”11px” src=””/> {text:Link3 title}</div></a> 

<a href=”{text:Link4}”><div class=”button”><img width=”11px” src=””/> {text:Link4 title}</div></a> 

<a href=””><div class=”button”><img width=”10px” src=””/> theme</div></a> 

Sorry if it doesn’t make sense, I’m like the worst person to go to when asking for help or tutorials…

Anonymous asked : :c awww it's ok! Any tips?

Umm..not sure, the tutorial I have posted would be a start to coloring since that is what I still do when I color but I just started to add shading/shadows to mines. 

aetherreise asked : Great blog!!

Thank you!!

Anonymous asked : what is this chapter? /post/46878147667/dont-forget-about-your-friends

I believe it’s chapter 552